Other Community Services

These services are undertaken by one or more of our members. They are always ready to welcome others to join them. Two are listed below to both highlight the services and inform the membership of yet other opportunities of adding to the work our Council is proud of contributing to the community. They appear under separate title with a short description of what is involved and who to contact for further information and opportunity of also participating.

In from the Cold:


A quick tour of the above link for the Kingston program will explain who benefit from our services. The residents are essentially transitory with few possessions. They benefit from the individual personal hygiene items such as tooth brushes, toothpaste, bars of soap, mouthwash, combs et.al. that our members collect from the freebies at hotels, motels, dentists and doctors’ offices etc.

The samples are easy to use and store in their back packs or storage bags and are a welcome addition to the provision of emergency shelter, an evening meal and breakfast.

Our Council Coordinator is Br. Dwight Neddow who collects the items at the General Meeting or through other arrangements.

You are encouraged to collect a few of those items when travelling or visiting an office that offers such samples. Bring them to the next meeting or give Br. Dwight a call to make another suitable arrangement @ Brother Dwight Neddow (613-544-6738) or email  bidg.kingston@sympatico.ca  

Here are some examples of the free samples that are well received by the residents.

Monthly breakfast help at St. Vincent de Paul:

Visit their site @http://www.svdpkingston.com/ 

Every third Wednesday of the month Br. Stan Balemba, G/K Jeff Morgenstern and our Insurance Representative Br. Stephen Henderson meet at Vinney’s at 8:00 am till 1:00 pm helping serve breakfast and prepare lunch. They would greatly appreciate having others join them as has a non-Knight parishioner from our parish.

Of course, all you need do is show up on that 3rd Wednesday at 8:00 am and you will be most welcome.

For added information contact the KofC Kingston Coordinator who is Br. Stephen Henderson @ 613-382-1194 or stephen.henderson@kofc.org .