The Director of the Billboard Program is Br. Wayne Primeau

The decision to terminate the posting of posters after many years was indicative of our changing priorities within the community. The significant funds are being redirected to the increasing demands of the less fortunate from within our yearly budget and emergency funds.

Below are examples of the posters as they have appeared.

For many years Council 11670 has posted 3 separate billboards at the south west corner of Princess and Portsmouth for 4 weeks and are:

  • “Keep Christ in Christmas” posted in early December
  • An Easter message during Lent
  • A Pro-Life/Euthanasia message in support of the mid-May walk on Parliament Hill in Ottawa


In 2017 a fourth was purchased to encourage recruitment for Councils of Districts 20 and 93.



These posters are purchased from Supreme often with the financial assistance of several other Councils and Assembly.

Separately there is the annual parish signage to “Keep Christ in Christmas” installed on the East lawn of St. Joseph’s parish.

A supply of portable signs for placing on parishioner’s lawns at Christmas is maintained to “Keep Christ in Christmas”.