Parish Activities

                Council Activities at St Joseph’s Parish

All Knights of Columbus are foremost Catholic men of their respective parishes and thus contribute to the ongoing laic needs of a vibrant community. The opportunities for Council 11670 members to volunteer in many ways in the functioning of the parish, depending on their skills, knowledge and personal circumstances are many including:

  • Grand Knight’s membership on the parish council that meets monthly
  • Organizing through the Parish Hospitality Director the serving of beverages at all monthly Hospitality Sundays, held on the last weekend of each month Hospitality Director
  • Organizing and delivering several suppers to the congregation after a Saturday night Mass for between 80 to 100 parishioners with all proceeds allowing for further charitable activities in the community
  • In cooperation with the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) who provide Bibles we provide rosaries to all first communicants of the parish
  • Several members are part of the regular Funeral Mass serving team while others are available to act as pallbearers when so requested and still others are part of the Funeral Choir
  • Many members are either Lecturers or Eucharistic Ministers at both Sunday and week day Masses as well as Ushers at all weekend Masses.
  • Organizing the annual Retired Priests’ Dinner including cooking, set -up, serving and clean-up afterwards under the direction of an ad-hoc member
  • Budgeted contribution to the Christmas baskets from funds earned through the year as well as assisting in their delivery to designated recipients
  • Budgeted contribution to the Junior Liturgy and Altar Servers Appreciation activities
  • Maintaining the Council’s insert in the parish bulletin
  • Assist as requested for special occasions such as parking at the cemetery or other celebratory happenings
  • Organize hourly time slots for Knights to be present on First Fridays of the month during the day’s exposition of the Blessed Sacrament