Culture for Life

The Director of Culture for Life is Br. Ben Krasna

The responsibilities of this program are often part of the parish’s programs since the participation of parishioners is frequently encouraged.

The yearly Bottle Drive for the Birthright Organization is conducted on two Sundays. The bottles are handed out on Mothers’ Day in May to be collected with the enclosed offerings with info for tax purposes on the subsequent Fathers’ Day in June.

The Director provides liaison with Campaign Life Coalition particularly in May as the Walk for Life in Ottawa is organized through the parish.

The annual Boxing Day evening hour-long march on the sidewalk outside the Kingston General Hospital against abortion is organized for both the Council and parish.

The annual Christmas cake sale is organized by the Director on behalf of the whole parish.

We are also kept abreast on an ongoing basis of activities and information dealing with abortion and euthanasia locally and through the media.