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The coat drive for Hotel Dieu Hospital will take place until 31 December 2018.  Warm, washable winter coats (especially large sizes for men and women) are needed.  Ski jackets in all sizes are also needed.  We will also accept washable thermal socks, mitts, hats, blankets and winter boots.  We will pick up items if needed, or they may be dropped off.  Call Dwight at 613-544-6738 to make arrangements.  Items will be distributed at St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Brock Street, from 2-18 January 2019. 

Call for Volunteers at Correctional Services of Canada

There are six penal institutions in the Kingston area, accommodating a full range of offenders from maximum to medium to minimum security to a community correctional centre. These federal facilities are all run by the Correctional Service of Canada … administers the sentences that have been imposed by the courts if that sentence is greater than two years less a day. Shorter sentences are the responsibility of the province.

Most offenders will eventually return to the community…It has also been proven that a gradual reintroduction to society is preferable to the sudden change of prison one day to total freedom the next. This phased approach starts with escorted temporary absences (ETA) to unescorted temporary absences (UTA) to day work release (WR) to day parole (DP living in halfway houses) to full parole (FP living at home with restrictions and  reporting to parole officer) to statutory release (with supervision) to warrant expiry (freedom).

To make this system work and reflect the values of the community, each institution has attached to it a Citizen Advisory Committee of 5+ people composed of a cross-section of the residents of the surrounding area. To quote:

“CACs, through voluntary participation in the Canadian federal correctional process, contribute to public safety by actively interacting with staff of the CSC, the public and offenders, providing impartial advice and recommendations, thereby contributing to the quality of the correctional process.”

I serve on the CAC for Joyceville Institution which is a clustered facility consisting of an Assessment Unit and a minimum-security facility. Our committee of two is looking for another two or three members who could spend on average at least one-half day per week on committee work.

In addition, there is a vast need for other volunteers who could act as drivers and escorts for prisoners. For example, many inmates wish to attend mass or other Sunday services but are unable to do so for lack of an escort. Some training is obviously required for any of these volunteer duties but the rewards in personal satisfaction far outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

If you wish more information or are interested in volunteering for this worthwhile activity not otherwise sponsored by Council 11670, please feel free to contact me, Charlie Burbank, at home 613-542-1252 or via e-mail

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Premier Realty Program for Knights

 Details of Offer to Knights

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April 2018 Post

Proposing a charitable organization for possible future donations

Our Council has had the opportunity of raising charitable funds through participation with the Bingo we staff like a good number of other local benevolent organizations.

Part of our commitment to the Bingo authorities is to reinvest all of the funds thus earned into charities/organizations that serve those in need. This is monitored by them.

At this time our Council has identified 4 community charitable organizations for which budgeted amounts have been identified; Birthrite, St. Vincent DePaul, Partners in Mission Food Bank and Hospice Kingston, each of which is provided $1000 per year.   We also use funds raised through Bingo to support the Gus Fraser Memorial Bursary ($500) at Regiopolis Notre Dame and the annual Christmas Basket program ($500) at St. Joseph’s.  One solution would be to increase the budgeted amounts destined to these identified charities. However, you as a member of our Council, may also wish propose new charities/organizations that we might vote to support in the future.

Therefore, our Grand Knight, Jeff Morgenstern is putting out a call for proposed new charities/organizations that we might elect to support financially. Here is how to do that:

  • The proposal must be in writing and include the name of the proposer
  • The proposal should identify the charity/organization and provide information about its mission/purpose (a link to a website, informational brochure or other details should be included)
  • The proposal should include the amount of the proposed funding, whether it is proposed as annual or one-time, and a rationale as to how the charity/organization is a good fit with the Knights of Columbus and/or our catholic principles
  • The written proposal should be submitted on or before April 27th to our G/K

He will review all proposals received and convene a selection committee to identify a process to bring the proposals forward for membership approval at a future council meeting.

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 The Home Dedication ceremony at 46 Cowdy Street.  This was the celebration of the completion of two homes for two families where they were presented with their keys. We were presented with a print of the completed homes at the Church of Good Shepherd.

In photo are Br. Stan Balemba, GK Jeff Morgenstern, Br. Dave Tudin and Doug Arrand (Chair of Bd Of Directors, Habitat For Humanity Kingston Limestone Region).

Read more on this happy occasion @


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Saturday April 7, 2018

This day will feature a marathon Degree day that will allow any Council member to take up to three of the Degrees on that day.

This will be followed by dinner and a presentation by Fr. Rosica hosted at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall. For added information please refer to the following poster Fr. Thomas Rosica .

Should you have any further questions please contact District Deputy Br. Pete Scott at

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January 2018

The Build Day of St. Joseph’s Knights of Columbus Council 11670 with Habitat for Humanity has been resheduled to Saturday January 27th due to the extreme weather currently being experienced.

  • Br. Chris Catry of Habitat for humanity explained the reasons for the rescheduling of the Building Day and added:
    • Every volunteer is taught to his/her level of competence with jobs for all skill levels
    • Hard hats and work boots are available if required
    • The interior will be heated on January 27th
  • Br. Dave Tudin reported a crew of 10 for the building day with room for 5 more and is available at for those interested to participate.
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December Posts

The salient points for Saturday 6th Jan 18 the Build Day of St. Joseph’s Knights of Columbus Council 11670 with Habitat for Humanity 

         As it stands now, this is scheduled for putting down ceramic tile and laminate flooring and also laying vinyl flooring on the second floor. As discussed, things can shift left and right depending on our progress. Right now, we are on track. If we run late, it will be painting, and if we’re ahead it will be hanging interior doors, cabinets and trim;

         You can bring up to 15 people. They need not be Knights, which is up to you – family and friends can come but they must be 16 or older – 16-17 yr. old will need parental approval/signature;

  • There is room for a further 7 members tor the team and Br. Jeff Morgenstern is hoping to contact likely members

         Anyone wanting to volunteer must fill in the Volunteer Application, obtained from Br. Dave Tudin at or they can do so online at:

         Volunteers must be on site by 8:15 am at the latest as there is a group safety briefing and from there will be assigned tasks;

         Volunteers should bring their own personal safety gear if they have it (hard hat, safety boots, gloves, safety glasses). If they do not have it, we will have some on hand;

         Volunteers should bring their own personal tools if they have them (tool belt, hammer, gloves, tape measure, etc.). If they do not have it, we will have tools on hand;

         We will provide meals – coffee breaks morning and afternoon and lunch;

         A large KofC sign will be available for promotional pictures. Please note we do take pictures on site throughout the day and post them to social media;

           A large dummy cheque will be presented that day while the actual will also be presented

         The Construction Manager is Don Gray and he is in charge of the entire site all day, every day.

Any other questions please contact Br. Dave Tudin @ or call him    @  1 226 400 6502 while Br. Chris Catry is at

Hotel Dieu Coat Drive 

Please contact Dwight Neddow at 613-544-6738or by email at if you have a coat to donate

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We are looking for volunteers from our council to participate in a one day building event at the newest Kingston Habitat for Humanity site.

Habitat  For Humanity has begun building the first of 6 new homes on Monday. This one is being built on Cowdy St. adjacent to the Anglican Church. The home will follow the Habitat model and they will control building and financing. There is no down payment or interest charges for the buyer. The home will consist of all new materials and will be completed in approx. 3 months.  Two Kingston families have already been selected and are gratefully looking forward to moving in to their first home ever.

There are about 40 tasks involved in the construction.  We will try to take on one task, preferably indoors.  A qualified supervisor will guide us throughout the day.  No previous building experience is required to participate in the event.

Our council has allocated $2000 towards the construction of this home.  But more than just giving money, we want to show our support to this worthy cause by taking part in the physical building of the home.  We are hoping for 5 to 15 Knights from our council to volunteer with one day’s labour, preferably on a Saturday in the near future (likely in January).

Please consider volunteering for this tremendous outreach project.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please let me  know.

Dave Tudin<>  telephone 226 400 6502

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September 2017

St Vincent de Paul volunteering opportunity:

Brothers Jeff Morgenstern, Stan Balemba and Stephen Henderson (our Insurance Representative) now volunteer every third Wednesday of each month from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm at St. Vincent de Paul,

They report the experience as uplifting and worthy of further consideration by other Knights and or members of our parish.

If interested in also volunteering please contact our Grand Knight or Stephen Henderson as posted on the About or Contact pages of this site.

Habitat for Humanity:

Br. Dave Tudin in cooperation with Br. Chris Catry will be asking for members to volunteer for a “Building Day” Saturday on a local construction site. This will lead to the team receiving media publicity which would be further enhanced with a contribution of $ 2,000.

Those with a handy hammer or paint brush or inclination to use their construction skills under professional guidance are invited to contact Br. Dave Tudin at 613-544-6859 for added information.

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Highlights of August 1, 2017 Meeting

Highlights of August 1, 2017 General Meeting of Council 11670

  • Called at 7:35 pm following the Initiation of the Executives and followed by a decade of the Rosary
  • Our new Chaplain, Fr. James Quirk (Father James) on his first day at St. Joseph’s expressed pleasure to be with us and to participate in the works of the Knights
  • The Minutes of July 4, 2017 were approved as read and amended
  • The Recruiting Director, Brother Dwight Neddow, reports no new members for this meeting yet indicated he was working on some 20 potential individuals with the recently completed Summary of last year’s activities proving of use in informing them of what we are about
  • The Grand Knight, Brother Jeff Morgenstern reported that the July 30th farewell for Father Francis went well (as Brothers Frank Cuvelier and Roger Audet presented on our behalf a travelling Mass kit); the budget for 2017/18 will be presented at the September meeting
  • Brother Jim Classen, the Financial Secretary, advised that the semi-annual report will be mailed August 2nd
  • Brother Ben Krasna, Director of Culture for Life reported a successful March for Life last May in Ottawa with a number of our members in attendance
  • Brother Val Dumais as Team Captain advised that a 2nd degree is planned for Sunday September 10th at 2:00 pm (this conflicts with our parish Mass at the cemetery) a 1st degree at St. Joseph’s will be held Tuesday September 26th next
  • Brother Wayne Primeau, Director for Billboards, reports that due to the posting error last May our September Recruitment Billboard, on behalf of both Districts 20 and 93, should be posted for an additional week or more that he will monitor
  • Brother Frank Cuvelier, Director of the Bingo program reports:
  • Brother Lou Saulnier will now be responsible for ongoing scheduling of the 16 trained members while he will look after the administrative aspects
  • The January to July 2018 schedule is being submitted with recommended days of Monday and Wednesday for the 4 to 6 pm and 6:15 to 8:15 evening shifts
  • Members are expected to respect their time slots and find a substitute if unable to attend
  • The Notice of Motion to “provide up to $ 2000.00 for the purchase of a suitably large TV screen and appropriate attachments for the parish hall for educational purposes” could not be actioned and is deferred to the September meeting
  • Our Field Agent, Brother Stephen Henderson, handed out the pamphlet “10 Keys to Membership Recruiting Success” that he then led us through point by point
  • The DD, Brother Peter Scott, spoke about the Diocesan Association’s fund raising for the new Providence Manor to be completed by 2025 on the grounds of the Sisters of Providence on Princess street. Both our Council and independently our members will be approached for pledges. Resource for the various pledge forms are found at the Archbishop J.V. Cleary Assembly website
  • Following a prayer for those on the Prayer List and Good of the Order the meeting was called.


Vivat Jesus!

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