November 2018 Contributions from our Bingo Program

Photos by Br. Frank Cuvelier

 Grand Knight Jeff Morgenstern present a $ 1,000 cheque to Marie Sardinha, Director of Birthright Kingston

Judy Fyfe, Executive Director of St. Vincent de Paul accepts our $ 1,000 contribution  thanks to our Council’s Bingo Program 

Sandy Singers, Executive Director of Partners in Mission receives our $ 1,000 yearly  contribution from Br. Jeff Morgenstern

Brian Klooster, Interim Director of Hospice Kingston with staff receiving a $ 1.000 contribution from our Council’s Grand Knight, Br. Jeff Morgenstern

January 2018 Basketball Throw at St. Paul and St. Thomas More Schools 

With Brothers Stan Balemba, Jeff Morgenstern, Gerry Marjoros, Wayne Primeau and Stephen Henderson. Photos by Br. Frank Cuvelier.

Many of the participants and all the winners are shown below as well as the positioning and distance from the basket of the competitors.



KofC 11670 Habitat for Humanity Build Day Jan. 28, 2018

(Photos by Br. Chris Catry)

The weather was cooperative and mild for January which allowed for work both inside and outside the building site at 46 Cowdy Street




2017/18 St. Joseph’s Parish Coat Drive in Conjunction with Hotel Dieu Hospital organized by Br. Dwight Neddow for KofC Council 11670

This first year that began December 17th resulted in collecting 34 coats and other winter items donated by St. Josephs’ parishioners. They were delivered to the HDH distribution area on Tuesday January 2nd from the makeshift “cold storage” facility (aka garage) of Br. Dwight who had stored or picked-up the items over the Christmas holidays.


Photos provided by Br. Dwight Neddow

 December 2017 Presentation at St. Vincent de Paul by our Council

A cheque for $ 1,000.00 presented to Judy Fyfe, Director, and Laurie Day, Meal Coordinator, by Grand Knight Jeff Morgenstern accompanied by Br. Stan Balemba


Grand Knight Jeff Morgenstern and parishioner Mike Fagan helping in the kitchen of St. Vincent de Paul on the monthly 3rd Wednesday of the month

November 2017 presentations of $ 1,000.00 cheques from the charitable Bingo account (photos by Br. Frank Cuvelier).

 Sandy Singers, Executive Director, Partners in Mission, receiving cheque from Grand Knight, Br. Jeff Morgenstern

 Natalie Holland of Birthright Kingston receiving cheque from Grand Knight, Br. Jeff Morgenstern

Maura Doyle, Fund Development/Event Coordinator, Hospice Kingston, receiving cheque from Grand Knight, Br. Jeff Morgenstern

Soccer Challenge 2017 Awards

This is photo of a couple of the students from St. Thomas More school who participated in the Soccer Challenge in June of this year.  They are the district winners.  There were five students in all. These two are still at this school but the other three are in different schools being tracked down to give them their certificates and medals. Also pictured are Br. Stan Balemba and Mike Arsenault, the new principal at St. Thomas More.

In September 2017 there were two separate events in which our brothers participated as photographed by Br. Frank Cuvelier.

The Annual Parish Steak Dinner requires the skills of our BBQ chefs and the equally dedicated indoor food handlers, the quick and efficient cleaners and dish washers and especially our hungry parishioners.


Both the St. Thomas More and St. Paul Parish Schools had their BBQ welcome to both Parents and Students this September 2017. As in past years they called upon members of our council to again successfully handle the BBQs as can be witnessed by the photos below. 






The September 2017 General Meeting began with a BBQ hot dog meal.           Several other such meetings are scheduled to also begin with a meal.