Council 11670 Executives 2019-2020

Election Process:

Officers are first nominated in April of the closing year with the elections occurring during the May General Meeting with the results taking effect for the following year which begins July 1st ending the following June 30th. Every officer thus elected must first be a 3rd Degree Knight.

The Chaplain and Financial Secretary, Br. Jim Classen, are appointed. At St. Joseph’s the Chaplaincy includes both the Pastor, Msgr. Joseph Lynch and Associate Pastor, Fr. James Quirk. The Financial Secretary is appointed for a three-year term once his nomination by the Grand Knight to Supreme is approved. The Lecturer is appointed at the Grand Knight’s discretion.

The Trustees are elected for a three-year term. Thus Br. Stan Balemba automatically moves to the position of Trustee 1 and Br. Val Dumais now moves to the position of Trustee 2 while Br. Tony Bracken was elected as Trustee 3.

 Elected Executive of Council 11670 from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020

Grand Knight                                               Br. Patrick  Greenwood

Deputy Grand Knight                                 Br. Frank Cuvelier

Chancellor                                                    Br. Ben Krasna

Recorder                                                       Br. Peter Tetro

Treasurer                                                      Br. Wayne Primeau

Financial Secretary                                     Br. Jeff Morgenstern

Advocate                                                        Br. Roger Audet

Warden                                                          Br. Fernando Asuncion

Inside Guard                                                 Br. John Ferreira

Outside Guard                                              Br. Gerry Majoros

Trustee 1                                                        Br. Stan Balemba

Trustee 2                                                       Br. Val Dumais

Trustee 3                                                       Br. Tony Bracken

Appointed Lecturer                                    Br. Dwight Neddow