Monthly Focus on Climate Change

Focus for July 2020

 Identify: Our focus is on Pope Francis’ recent statement: “Another aspect on which the pandemic has made us reflect is the relationship between man and the environment”…as he further expressed his appreciation for many “grass roots” initiatives that are emerging in this regard all over the world, e.g. our Council’s prayerful monthly actions on our environment.

Links: For your added exploration around this month’s focus:

 Pray: That as we begin to attend Mass at St. Joseph’s, while maintaining our distance,  we can also continue to attend virtually through the media while reflecting on “the relationship between man and the environment” on which our community’s overall well being depends: Our Father…

Act: While patronizing our local businesses (face mask required) providing much needed employment, continue to support our community’s many non-profit organizations providing food, shelter and related services to those still in need.


Focus for June 2020

 Identify: As we ease our personal and collective Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, our focus for June is on showing a renewed respect for the real ecological wonders of nature through which our spiritual, mental and physical well being is nurtured and strengthened.

Links: For your added exploration around this month’s focus:

Pray: That through the Pentecost feast of the Holy Spirit we be inspired to pray that our civic and commercial leaders and their workers continue to be guided in respecting our environment’s ecology upon which our community’s overall well being depends.

 Act: As we begin to venture beyond our safe homes (face mask?!) do patronize our local businesses as they seek to serve us and create increasing employment, while also continuing to support our community’s many organizations providing food, shelter and related services to those most in need.


Focus for May 2020

 Identify: Our focus for May, during lock down, is on us, as we maintain our social distancing, while being equally drawn closer to nature with its renewed gifts appearing for our spiritual, mental and physical well being.

Links: For your added exploration around this month’s focus:

Pray: Join our North American Bishops who Set May 1st in Consecration to Mary asking for Her intercession in the battle against Covid-19 as we also ask Canada’s Patron Saint, St. Joseph, for guidance on how best to care for all creation as spring begins flowering its promises.

Act: While continuing to “stay safe at home”, within your “own bubble”, do go for a walk about the neighborhood to reacquaint yourself with its wonders displayed in its spring renewal, while maintaining a friendly social distancing with those met on the way.


Focus for April 2020

Identify: Our focus for April is on the rebirth of the Easter season for us and nature, as its wonders of early spring become increasingly more evident: a balm for our own spirit’s renewal.

Link: Kingston Interactive map/MyNeighbourhood provides an easy way to start your neighbourhood outing or to explore that of another Kingston area from home;  Which trees are in your Kingston neighbourhood? Identifies a wide variety suited to our ecological climate; read Notice on use Kingston city parks during Covid-19 before visiting these free green city spaces.

Pray: Perhaps a simple prayer of praise for the natural wonders of your neighbourhood that also enhance the joy of your own spiritual Easter renewal e.g., “Thank you God, creator of heaven and earth…”

Act: While continuing to “stay safe at home”, within your “own bubble”, do go for a walk about the neighbourhood to reacquaint yourself with its wonders displayed in its spring renewal, while maintaining a friendly social distancing with those met on the way.

Reflection on COVID-19 for Your Consideration

Here is copy of a friend’s poem on the Coronavirus (Crown) as read and transcribed from the You Tube of Fr. Michael Coutts, S.J. March 27th Homily on Vision TV @  (scroll to minute 15:59)

I wonder who conferred on You the Latin title of Crown

Crown of thorns you surely must have been

too much of mankind in cruel irony.

Our Hearts go out to those laid low by you in one swell soup.

The flip side of this coin is that you have proved to be a Blessing in disguise.

We owe you thanks for halting us in our tracks,

To take stock of where we stand in regard to one another

Our common habitat and destiny,

Which otherwise we confine to oblivion

In our push for wealth and power.

We hope that this bitter lesson that you have taught us

cures us of our blinkered vision, Once for all.

Focus for March 2020

Identify: Our focus this month is on a Lenten resolve to develop yet another “eco-friendly” practice that will, over time, help reduce the collective Kingston carbon footprint out of care for all creation.

Link: Notice how our choice(s) fold into one of the six priority areas of sustainable Kingston; look at 11 eco-friendly practices for the home; also visit 15-easy-ways-to-become-environmentally-friendly  

Pray: That the Holy Spirit inspires each of our municipal eco-friendly choices: Beginning with the Morning Offering, our 24-hour personal offering, in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass though out the world.

Act: As you visit each of the six priorities, note how what we refer to as “climate change” encompasses elements drawn from each priority: consider how your “eco-friendly” actions help to reduce our municipal carbon footprint.

Focus for February 2020

Identify: Our  focus this month is on the goals of Sustainable Kingston who with the city co-hosted the Kingston 2020 Climate Change Symposium  whose hope is that our municipality will be carbon neutral by 2040.

Link: Visit Sustainable Kingston’s Mission and learn about the priority areas, who are the community partners, read the Annual Reports and subscribe to their Monthly Newsletter. Also learn what carbon neutrality means @ Wikipedia: Carbon neutrality.

Pray: 20 years of planning and here we are, one local KofC Council, hopefully not alone, praying that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire our city and community partners in achieving carbon neutrality by 2040: Our Father

Act: Visit the links above to have a better understanding of what addressing climate change implies for our municipality’s sustainable environment within which we obtain “our daily bread”.

Focus for January 2020

Identify: This month’s focus is on The Our Father, as we ask for our daily bread today  as explained by Pope Francis during his General Audience of March 27, 2019: “Here…our daily bread” means not just food, but also all the necessities of life, such as water, medicine, a home, a job.”

Link:  Matthew 6:9-13 (NIV)  Luke 11″2-4 (NIV) and the following General Audiences of Pope Francis on The Our Father. Match 6, 2019 March 20, 2019, especially March 27, 2019

Pray: When praying The Our Father this month consider what “our daily bread” means to you, and yours, within the ecological realities of our municipality.

Act:  As Catholics of Kingston we can add our prayers of thanks to God for the sustained ecology and infrastructure of our municipal environment, that provides clean water, fresh air, parks and green spaces, safe home communities, employment, medical expertise and ample foods in our markets.

Focus for December 2019

Identify: This month’s environmental focus is on Kingston’s Council responsible for our emergency climate change plans and all the workers of the Public Works Departments who implement those plans for us and our sustained environment.

Link: Visit the city’s public works website @ Kingston public works that actively sustains our ecological environment within the city’s plans and budget. Also visit the city’s Climate Action Working Group

Pray: Pray for all the city planners and workers responsible for our human well being, our sustainable clean air, water and the human “concrete” infrastructures essential to safe urban daily life and commerce e.g. maintained parks, break waters, electric buses etc.

Act: Next time you meet a Councillor, deal with a city worker or notice one at work voice a thanks, share a smile or wave in greeting with an equally important silent thanks to God for our sustained community’s environmental well being.

Focus for November 2019

Identify: This month’s environmental focus is on our city’s annual tree planting program: “Planting trees is one of the City’s climate actions – we are working to double the city’s tree canopy over the next decade to combat climate change and to maintain the health of Kingston’s urban forest,” says Troy Stubinski, manager, public works.

Link: Visit the city’s sustainability/nature-forests-gardens website, the top 22 benefits of trees as well as the site of trees of Eastern Ontario

Pray: Pray for the profusion of our city’s sustained tree cover for its beauty and health benefits to all life in our environment, for those who actively sustain it and for the Spirit’s guidance on how to best contribute to such efforts.

Act: As you walk about, alone or with others, look around for such new plantings in a nearby park, your neighbourhood, a back yard and share the wonder of their beauty and their valued contribution to the well being of our common home.