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The coat drive for Hotel Dieu Hospital will take place until 31 December 2018.  Warm, washable winter coats (especially large sizes for men and women) are needed.  Ski jackets in all sizes are also needed.  We will also accept washable thermal socks, mitts, hats, blankets and winter boots.  We will pick up items if needed, or they may be dropped off.  Call Dwight at 613-544-6738 to make arrangements.  Items will be distributed at St. Mary’s Parish Centre, Brock Street, from 2-18 January 2019. 

Call for Volunteers at Correctional Services of Canada

There are six penal institutions in the Kingston area, accommodating a full range of offenders from maximum to medium to minimum security to a community correctional centre. These federal facilities are all run by the Correctional Service of Canada … administers the sentences that have been imposed by the courts if that sentence is greater than two years less a day. Shorter sentences are the responsibility of the province.

Most offenders will eventually return to the community…It has also been proven that a gradual reintroduction to society is preferable to the sudden change of prison one day to total freedom the next. This phased approach starts with escorted temporary absences (ETA) to unescorted temporary absences (UTA) to day work release (WR) to day parole (DP living in halfway houses) to full parole (FP living at home with restrictions and  reporting to parole officer) to statutory release (with supervision) to warrant expiry (freedom).

To make this system work and reflect the values of the community, each institution has attached to it a Citizen Advisory Committee of 5+ people composed of a cross-section of the residents of the surrounding area. To quote:

“CACs, through voluntary participation in the Canadian federal correctional process, contribute to public safety by actively interacting with staff of the CSC, the public and offenders, providing impartial advice and recommendations, thereby contributing to the quality of the correctional process.”

I serve on the CAC for Joyceville Institution which is a clustered facility consisting of an Assessment Unit and a minimum-security facility. Our committee of two is looking for another two or three members who could spend on average at least one-half day per week on committee work.

In addition, there is a vast need for other volunteers who could act as drivers and escorts for prisoners. For example, many inmates wish to attend mass or other Sunday services but are unable to do so for lack of an escort. Some training is obviously required for any of these volunteer duties but the rewards in personal satisfaction far outweigh any perceived inconvenience.

If you wish more information or are interested in volunteering for this worthwhile activity not otherwise sponsored by Council 11670, please feel free to contact me, Charlie Burbank, at home 613-542-1252 or via e-mail

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