April 2018 Post

Proposing a charitable organization for possible future donations

Our Council has had the opportunity of raising charitable funds through participation with the Bingo we staff like a good number of other local benevolent organizations.

Part of our commitment to the Bingo authorities is to reinvest all of the funds thus earned into charities/organizations that serve those in need. This is monitored by them.

At this time our Council has identified 4 community charitable organizations for which budgeted amounts have been identified; Birthrite, St. Vincent DePaul, Partners in Mission Food Bank and Hospice Kingston, each of which is provided $1000 per year.   We also use funds raised through Bingo to support the Gus Fraser Memorial Bursary ($500) at Regiopolis Notre Dame and the annual Christmas Basket program ($500) at St. Joseph’s.  One solution would be to increase the budgeted amounts destined to these identified charities. However, you as a member of our Council, may also wish propose new charities/organizations that we might vote to support in the future.

Therefore, our Grand Knight, Jeff Morgenstern is putting out a call for proposed new charities/organizations that we might elect to support financially. Here is how to do that:

  • The proposal must be in writing and include the name of the proposer
  • The proposal should identify the charity/organization and provide information about its mission/purpose (a link to a website, informational brochure or other details should be included)
  • The proposal should include the amount of the proposed funding, whether it is proposed as annual or one-time, and a rationale as to how the charity/organization is a good fit with the Knights of Columbus and/or our catholic principles
  • The written proposal should be submitted on or before April 27th to our G/K @morgenstern@outlook.com

He will review all proposals received and convene a selection committee to identify a process to bring the proposals forward for membership approval at a future council meeting.

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