We are looking for volunteers from our council to participate in a one day building event at the newest Kingston Habitat for Humanity site.

Habitat  For Humanity has begun building the first of 6 new homes on Monday. This one is being built on Cowdy St. adjacent to the Anglican Church. The home will follow the Habitat model and they will control building and financing. There is no down payment or interest charges for the buyer. The home will consist of all new materials and will be completed in approx. 3 months.  Two Kingston families have already been selected and are gratefully looking forward to moving in to their first home ever.

There are about 40 tasks involved in the construction.  We will try to take on one task, preferably indoors.  A qualified supervisor will guide us throughout the day.  No previous building experience is required to participate in the event.

Our council has allocated $2000 towards the construction of this home.  But more than just giving money, we want to show our support to this worthy cause by taking part in the physical building of the home.  We are hoping for 5 to 15 Knights from our council to volunteer with one day’s labour, preferably on a Saturday in the near future (likely in January).

Please consider volunteering for this tremendous outreach project.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please let me  know.

Dave Tudin<>  telephone 226 400 6502

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